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Inventory and shopping list manager


Inventory and shopping list manager

This app is a combination of :

Voice input -> shopping list -> inventory -> BBD monitoring
Offline editing <-> Group synchronization <-> Community access
Barcode scanner -> stock

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With the mobile app Inventory you can easily manage as many Products and Stock as well as any number of Shopping lists.

Assignment to any number of categories, storage locations, points of purchase and shopping lists is done by free configurable, on request 2-level Structures.

Special emphasis is placed on quick operability with as few (virtual) keyboard operations as possible. This goal is achieved by abbreviations, definable menu structures, automated processes and speech input that can be used throughout.

Articles can also be identified in the Pro Version via the EAN barcode or medicines via the PZN barcode , both for new admission and for retrieval in your own stocks (for testing up to 20 barcodes even without Pro Version). Custom barcodes or QR codes can also be used.

These services make it easier, among other things, to support the order in every household . Also small companies with their own warehouse - inventory are supported from the purchase of goods via warehousing to the inventory.

In the Pro version there are functions for demand planning with minimum stock monitoring and automatic shopping list filling (in the free version 5 articles to test). The Pro version costs via in-app purchase once 4.99 € per Google Account (so possibly for multiple devices).

Furthermore, functions are also included to perform group purchases for several other people in times of Corona crisis.

In each list (including shopping lists), a current total of the list can be accessed by menu selection.

Each list can be sorted by several criteria, purchasing lists can additionally be grouped by several criteria (some only in the Pro version).

There are a number of mechanisms for searching for products or supplies: from searching for name components or barcodes, to simple quick search, to complex linking of multiple search criteria in the detail search.

All data is stored locally on the cell phone, so it can be edited completely offline.

The stock data and shopping lists can be exchanged via CSV fileswith other programs (reduced to 5 records in the free version).

Use is completely anonymous - without any registration or disclosure of personal data such as name, address, email address or social media account.

The simplest form is the editing of warehouses and shopping lists by 1 person, but if desired, several people (e.g. family / WG) can also edit as a group simultaneously on any number of cell phones shared data - they are then automatically synchronized. Simultaneous editing works even if there is temporarily no Internet connection (e.g. in the basement, shopping mall), as synchronization is then made up for later. In the free version, synchronization is limited to 2 devices per group.

Everyone can form a group, which provides data backup by additional storage on the central server and can be used for hassle-free transfer of data to a new phone. Without Pro version you can be a member of a group with max. 2 members, otherwise with as many as you like. With Pro Version, one can also be a member of multiple groups.

Using the groups, one can also work with the same dataset on the PC and the laptop if one uses the very convenient cell phone emulator for this purpose.

The app is completely free in the basic version. It requires no custom permissions other than Internet access for sync and camera permissions for barcode scanning and product photos. The superimposed advertising can be permanently removed by inApp purchase (Pro version).

Optional product photo can be taken with the cell phone for each product / stock. These photos are also synchronized with the shared data. The use of the photos is tied to the Pro version. To be able to test the function for free before purchasing, up to 10 product photos can be used without the Pro version (incl. synchronization).

In the Pro version, several groups can be created for separate warehouses and shopping lists with different groups of people (e.g. separate private household - business warehouse etc.).

For commercial warehouse applications there exists in the Pro version the possibility to perform mass edits for mixed automatically/manually selected items.

You can make recurring operations, such as editing a specific storage location, available as action using special QR codes.

For quick access to certain parts of the app, you can have shortcuts placed on the home screen of your phone.

For inventories, everyone can define up to 20 additional fields per group with selectable name, length and type (Pro Version + chargeable). Also these additional fields can be used for search and sort functions.

Who does not get along with the standard resolution of the product images, which can large images stored (Pro Version + paid).

At any time a brief offline help is available and with an Internet connection a detailed online help is also available.


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At the moment this app is available for Android phones and Android tablets.