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external bluetooth barcodesanner

An external Bluetooth barcode scanner can also be connected. This costs additional money, but is much faster and more accurate in scanning, since it usually works with a laser scan. An external barcode scanner does not need an additional app.

A highly recommended external barcode scanner that works well and is inexpensive (link to Amazon) : Aplic Bluetooth barcode scanner wireless by CSL

The requirements for the external barcode scanner (selectable in the settings): EAN barcodes, delivery of the complete barcode via keyboard simulation, without prefix & without suffix.

These prerequisites are the factory setting for the Aplic-Scanner, i.e. the Aplic-Scanner works without additional configuration together with the Stock Manager.

To start scanning, you only have to click the barcode button in the Stock Manager - then you can start scanning.

However, the Aplic-Scanner can only be used for the normal EAN / PZN barcode - text-based barcodes like Code 128 or QR Code for example, it cannot be used.

With the Aplic-Scanner there is an additional configuration, with which you can get by without the barcode button and start directly by pressing the scanner.

To do this you have to configure the prefix '\' and the termination char TAB (probably works with other barcode scanners as well).

The configuration barcodes for the Aplic-Scanner for this from the manual (but must be on paper for scanning, because laser scanners cannot scan from the screen):

Termination TAB:


Prefix Backslash (nacheinander scannen):