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Inventory and shopping list manager


Inventory and shopping list manager

This app is a combination of :

Voice input -> shopping list -> inventory -> BBD monitoring
Offline editing <-> Group synchronization <-> Community access

 Facebook-Group for the App 



With the mobile app Inventory you can easily manage as many Products and Stock as well as any number of Purchase lists.

Assignment to Arbitrarily many Categories, storage locations, points of purchase and shopping lists is done by Free configurable, on request 2-level Structures.

Special emphasis is placed on quick operability with as few (virtual) keyboard operations as possible. This goal is achieved by abbreviations, definable menu structures, automated processes and speech input.

that can be used throughout.

All data is stored local on the mobile phone, so it can be edited completely offline.

The use is completely anonymous - without any registration or disclosure of private data such as name, address or email address.

The simplest form is the processing of stock and shopping lists by 1 person, but on request several persons (e.g. family / shared flat) can also process as a group simultaneously on any number of mobile phones common data - they are then automatically synchronized. Simultaneous processing also works if there is no Internet connection at times (e.g. in the basement, shopping mall), since synchronization is then carried out later.

The known and therefore abbreviated products can be expanded by the user-Community.

The app is complete free of charge. It does not need any own permissions except Internet access for synchronization.

The advertisement displayed for financing purposes can be permanently removed by purchasing inApp (Pro version).

In the Pro version, any number of groups can be formed for separate stocks and shopping lists with different groups of people (e.g. separate private household - business warehouse etc.).

To at any time a short offline help is available and with Internet connection a detailed online-help.


At the moment this app is available for Android phones and Android tablets.