inventory group-shopping


inventory - group shopping

Group shopping here means when someone (especially in times of the Corona crisis) does the shopping for several other people.

As an organisational aid, there is the collective shopping list.

The procedure is as follows (the buyer needs the Pro Version) :

For everyone whose purchases you want to take over, the buyer creates a group on his mobile phone (preferably under the name of the recipient of the purchases) - a maximum of 30 groups are possible.

In this group one or more shopping lists can be created. If it is a recipient with Android smartphone, the recipient can be invited to this group and is then able to edit and add to his or her shopping list synchronously (no Pro version is required).

In order to simplify the actual purchasing process, the buyer can automatically combine all shopping lists from all groups into a single large collective shopping list, in which only a total sum is displayed for each individual article. This allows the buyer to purchase the individual items without having to worry about who the individual items are intended for.

First after the purchase, he sorts the individual items according to the individual group shopping lists, in order to be able to pass them on to the recipients.

For this large collective shopping list, the buyer himself must have at least 2 shopping lists in his group in order to be able to see the shopping list menu (3 points on the top right). There is the selection point

Collect the contents of the shopping lists.

If this item is selected in the buyer's own group, all locally available groups are searched for items that are marked as 'to buy' in any shopping list.

If some products are not yet in the buyer's own group, they are copied there including their attributes such as category etc. Afterwards all article numbers to be bought from all shopping lists of all other groups are summed up and stored in the own automatically created shopping list with the name -Collect-. This special shopping list can then be edited like any other own shopping list.

If recipients of goods edit the shopping lists themselves in their groups, it is of course advisable to select and synchronize all groups once before creating the collective shopping list, so that you have the current status.