inventory manager with PC


inventory manager with PC and Laptop

There is a free mobile phone emulator for private use, which is now so good and so easy to use that anyone can use it :

No - I have nothing to do with the emulator and don't get any commissions. I just tried it out and I am very impressed with how well the inventory manager works with it.

The emulator runs on Windows 7 and higher - ideally on Windows 10. It is said to run on the MAC as well, but I haven't tested it.

You just must not be deterred by the fact that the emulator is mainly aimed at mobile phone players and the start screen for non-players looks accordingly desolate.

The Google Playstore is fully available, so that you can easily install and use the inventory manager just like on your mobile phone.

If you have the Pro version and log in to the emulator with your normal Google account, you will automatically have the Pro version of the invemtory manager available there as well.

This allows you to join your group with the emulator version. Every change that is made on the PC in the stock manager will be immediately transferred to the group and thus to the server and will also be available on the mobile phone (and vice versa). No more manual actions with import/export etc. necessary.

The mobile phone is completely free during the processing of the stock data, since the technology behind it does not work with screen mirroring, but the emulator presents itself like an independent normal mobile phone.

Even 'copy and paste' works between the inventory Manager and the rest of the Windows environment in both directions.

After the installation of the inventory manager you can even have an icon placed on your desktop and in the future you can start the stock manager directly from the Windows desktop without even seeing the emulator separately.

Naturally, one has to expect some drawbacks regarding mobile phone hardware: speech recognition, camera, barcode scan are not available. But you can even run 2 or more 'mobile phones' on the PC at the same time and work in different stock groups or in the same group with different views. The synchronisation also works here.