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privacy police

German Version : Datenschutzerklärung

The mobile app Inventory does not store any personal data . No LOGIN is required to identify the user (not even via social media accounts). The use is completely anonymous.

Even when using the synchronization mechanism, nothing is stored on the server that would allow conclusions to be drawn about the originator (no names, no password, no email address, etc.).

The only thing that is automatically stored on the server group-specifically is, besides the group name, a freely selectable group member name (first name, nickname or similar), which the group members can use to identify each other within the group. Everything else is only the group content entered by the user himself or is stored locally only on the mobile phone.

The content that reaches the server through the synchronization mechanism should not contain any foreign personal data, but this cannot be verified by us - but the content will not be passed on to a third party under any circumstances. The transmission itself is protected by SSL encryption.

Only if a user voluntarily makes his product data available to the Community anonymously does this data become visible to other users as product data. However, these data do not contain any personal data and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the author.

No cookies or other tracking mechanisms are used to identify users. Only in the standard log files of the Internet provider, IP addresses are probably stored during synchronization, but these are not evaluated by us and are not passed on to anyone.